• Test din hunds fertilitet så du får en bedre avl. Test your dogs sperm quality for a better breeding


    The PetCount Test is a Sperm Quality Test for Dogs which can tell about the Dog’s Fertility Potential. Petcount can be used by Vets, Dog Breeders and Private individuals

  • PetCount Sperm Quality Test a home test for measuring dogs sperm quality

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    the world's first home test for measuring dogs' sperm quality

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  • Test your Dogs fertility potential with a PetCount Sperm Quality Test. For breeding og avl

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    If you know how to take a semen sample from your Dog and you would like to obtain a fast, easy and valid result about your Dog’s fertility potential you should buy a PetCount Sperm Quality Test.

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Sperm quality in dogs

The single most important factor in determining the sperm quality of a dog is the sperm cells ability to swim in a straight line, a term called Progressive Motility. The PetCount sperm quality test for dogs measures the number of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells, PMSCs.

The semen factors thought to be most important to fertility are the motility, the number and the morphology of the spermatozoa. There is a direct relationship between sperm production by the testes and testicular size. Therefore, larger dogs have higher sperm counts than smaller dogs. It has been reported that there is a relationship between sperm count and body weight. This may be true for animals in good body condition, but the relationship is lost in obese animals because testicular size does not increase. Even among breeds of similar size, there are variations in sperm counts.

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petCOUNT - How does it work?

The PetCount Dog Sperm Quality Test uses the patented Swim-Up technology and simulates the travelling of the sperm cells in the female reproductive tract. 

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